Saving money on snacks

Switching from a full-time job to working part-time while at college has been a bit of a switch for my budget. So I’m trying to find ways I can be frugal and save some money. Since I starting my summer job, I noticed a small problem/bad habit I was creating. Usually when I hit mid-afternoon or so while working, I’d be starving. So I would toddle down to the nearby convenience store, buying whatever largely unhealthy treat struck my fancy. Not good for my waistline, not good for my budget. So today, I can up with a solution to that.

I’m lucky enough that I have an office I’m working out of most of the time, so I could store some snacks here. This morning I gathered together snacky kinds of foods I had already and packaged them up into individualized servings if need be.


Yes, that includes some M&Ms and some other small candies. A girl needs her chocolate every now and then.

Next I plopped them into a tote I already had. To my surprise, it all actually fit. Those things can hold a lot!


And there you go! I brought my little tote to work today and now I have plenty of slightly healthier, free snacks to eat when the munchies hit! I know it’s not much, but for me, it’s a bit of foresight and organizing that I usually don’t seem to manage these days. And since it’s all stuff I’d already bought, it will save me some money. As a returning college student paying for tuition either through student loans or out-of-pocket, any kind of money I can save helps!





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