“Chore List”

So I mentioned I had a chore list  in my post last week on how I’d blown my filing out of proportion. Basically, this idea came about because I wasn’t accomplishing even the basics of keeping my space clean. So I made up this list, stuck it in a sheet protector (so I could mark the list with a whiteboard marker and then wipe it clean), put it on a clipboard, and hung it up on my bedroom wall. As you saw in the post last week, it looks like this:

Chore list

Here’s a close up of the actual list (Click on the link. It was the only way I could make it big enough):

Cleaning List

This is personalized for me. You may notice there are no kitchen cleaning items on here. That’s because I’m currently living with my parents and so the kitchen cleaning is a group effort. These are the things I need to do to take care of the space I’m over. I also included a few computer cleaning chores— cleaning out my downloads and the reading list on Safari. That’s the left hand column. The right hand column is other things I want to accomplish each day or week.

Is it working? Sort of. I’m not accomplishing very much on the list each week. But I notice it and do look at it, even if I don’t get very much done on it. So it’s at least on my brain. I’m hoping that as the summer moves forward, I’ll get into more of a groove and by the time school rolls around, taking care of most of this list each week will be habit. The thing I’m allowing myself is permission to NOT do everything on the weekly or daily list every week or day. Some weeks/days it’s just not possible with everything else I have going on. But if I can at least remember that I intended to do these things and actually try to do as many of them as I can, then I’m counting it as a win. It’s more than I would have done without this.


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