Nature Walk in the Ozarks

While visiting my grandparents we went for a walk around their neighborhood. They live in a beautiful little subdivision in the Ozarks of Missouri and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the scenery and things I found along the way. Being from the deserts of Southern Utah, all of this green and wildlife is different for me!

Turtle 1

A turtle. My grandpa said that the mud on the back of the shell meant it had been laying eggs.

Turtle 2

 Hello, turtle!


 So much green! And so many different shades!

View by the lake

 A view of the lake near their house.

Two trees

If you look closely, this is actually two trees growing together. You can see the two different types of leaves, one on the right and one on the left.

Turtle nest

 Where my grandpa thinks the turtle laid her eggs

Tree by lake

A cool tree by the lake and blue skies.

Baby pinecones

Baby pinecones! I’ve always loved baby pinecones. I think they’re so cute.


A caterpillar we found on the road along the way.

This walk reminded me of why I should get outside more. I tend to just stay inside, but there is something renewing and wonderful about being out in nature and feeling the wind and listening the birds sing. And if nothing else, it’s fun to take pictures of!


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