Bulletin Board Project

In my bedroom, I have two bulletin boards. I’ve got all sorts of things on them, from quotes to things I need to deal with to library receipts to whatever else. However, it’s on there so willy-nilly that it’s not actually all that helpful. So I decided to something about that. Here are what they looked like before I got started:

Bulletin Board 1
Apologies for the blurry picture.

Bulletin Board 2Quite the mess! I pulled everything off of the boards and sorted it out on my bed. See the big red recall notice? Turns out I had three of them. I don’t need three to remind me to take care of that! I also discovered an expired coupon, my voter registration card, and a few other things that either belonged somewhere else or were just trash.

Sorted pilesOnce I had things sorted into groups, I borrowed some wrapping ribbon for the next step. I cut a few pieces of ribbon and used them to divide my boards into sections, using the push pins to keep the ribbon in place.


Bulletin board divided 1

Bulletin board divided 2Once that was done, I put things back, keeping them in their own section. For example, on my bigger board, I had a section for quotes, things to take care of, and my library receipts telling me when my books are due. I also included the paper for the adult summer reading program in that section so I knew where it was.

Bulletin board completed 1On both boards I even had a section left over! It’s so much easier to see what I have and what’s going on. It was a quick, cheap, and easy fix that makes the boards so much more useful and organized! I love it when I can manage to make this happen. šŸ™‚

Bulletin board completed 2What sort of quick organizing projects have you done lately?


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