Button Pin Magnets

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I will admit, I’m not a terribly crafty person. I’m far more likely to buy supplies to make and craft and then never actually do it.

But before Christmas, I saw some fun geeky button pins at a store and remembered seeing on Pinterest a tutorial for making magnets out of pins. I don’t wear pins, but I could use some fun magnets! So I bought the pins with every intention of making them into magnets.

Well today, I finally got around to doing it. And I think they turned out quite well! Here’s a step-by-step of how I did it. (Thanks to loveourcrazylife.com for the inspiration!)


  • Button pins
  • Magnets (I found an eight-pack at Jo-Ann’s)
  • Glue gun/glue sticks
  • Wire cutter
  • Gloves
  • Towel (optional)


I had an extra magnet, so I grabbed the purple heart. It used to live on my key chain until it fell off. It was a gift for my 16th birthday from my parents with my first set of car keys, so it has some sentimental value. And now it gets to be useful and pretty again!

1. Remove wire from back of pin. (You could potentially skip this step, but my pins were small enough that without removing the wire, there was no room for the magnet.) Also, plug in your glue gun to begin heating up while you do this.

IMG_1767    Here I’m part of the way of removing the pin. I discovered that if I clipped off the catch and the longer wire, I could pull the rest of it through. It often took some extra clipping to get the wire below the edge of the back, and I occasionally had to use the wire clippers as pliers to pull it out, but it was worth the time.


The pin once the wire is removed.

2. Next, grab your glue gun. Put a dab of glue onto the back of the magnets. I found this worked better than applying the glue to the pins directly.


3. Place magnet to back of pin. I found the magnet tended to grab the pin immediately. So if you care if they’re centered, line them up from a bit of a distance before putting together. Also, work fast. The glue dries quickly. Press and hold the magnet against the pin to make sure that it bonds.


Finished magnets.

4. Put on the fridge and enjoy!


This project took me about a half an hour from start to finish, including picture-taking time and messing up with the glue gun a few times. The longest bit was removing the wire. All in all, a cheap, fun project to make cool pins more useful. They could also, with a little work, be a fun gift for a friend, or a cheap souvenir. Almost everywhere touristy has pins for sale for far cheaper than most of their other souvenirs. I know when I go to London next year I’m going to keep an eye out for pins!



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