Coloring toward goals

I found an article earlier today in an email list I’m part of. Basically, the premise is that a woman, Amy Jones, had a large amount of credit card debt to pay off. To inspire her to actually pay it off, she drew a¬†doodle with a number of swirls in it and committed to herself that for each $100 she paid off, she could color in a swirl. It was a way for her to visually track how she was doing on her goal. Now she is selling her maps so other people can do the same thing.

I absolutely love this idea. However, because I’m currently paying for college, I don’t have the money to buy one of her maps (I hope to some day when I have more disposable income, as they’re lovely!). However, I do have a printer and an internet connection. So I found these two mandala coloring pages:

mandalas_mandalas23a34_007 mandalas_mandalas35a46_019

I couldn’t decide between the two and so I’m going to print them both out and work on two different goals. There’s somewhere between 35-40 things to color, so I’m going to use both of them to create a habit. One is going to get a piece colored in if I accomplish 75% of my to do list for each day (now on a sticky note, more on that in a later post). The other will get a piece colored in if I get up on time (I have a bad habit of sleeping in later than I should!). When they’re each completed, I’ll get some sort of reward. I haven’t decided what yet. And by the time they’re completed, hopefully they’ll both be habits and just automatically happen!

I’ll report on how this is working as I make progress on it. What goals could you use a visual map for?